Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 5- daily routine-

Day 3 in Singapore:

I haven't had a chance to discover or do anything new, because of the fact that I wake at 8am, or 0800 to check email, work on the lesson, and communicate via the Internet.  Unfortunately, the wireless Internet in the condo is very temperamental, and may times, it freezes up on me, and it doesn't allow me to send any email with a file.

The students have come to know what I expect from them, and I believe they have gotten used to my sense of humor and management style of a kitchen.

The food they have been producing is spot on for the most part, and I have been very impressed with their ability to garnish the platters as novices.

The staff and faculty  go out of their way to say hello to me and they are all indeed a friendly, yet professional group and I am having a great time learning from them.

I typically call for the taxi at 12:00 or 1300 and it arrives usually in 3 to 7 minutes.  When I call the taxi service, it know my address and gives you the taxi company, the taxi id number and the window for when they will arrive.  They taxis are all clean, the drivers all courteous, and always ask you what route you want them to take to get you to your destination.  I must admit, all of the transportation services in Singapore are top notch..

I then take the MRT subway system home to save some money, it is a little longer, but gives me a chance to unwind, reflect on the day, observe the Singapore culture and society.....  Once off the MRT, I usually stop at the 7 Eleven for a few beverages before my15 minute or so walk home.  Back at the condo, I shower, check email (if Internet is working), and relax,,,, TV really isn't an option as there is only one English speaking channel and there is usually nothing on that I would want to watch.  Jet lag still has its effects on me so I am usually tired, but not always able to sleep, but it definitely is getting much better.

In the classroom today we switched cuisine lessons, the first two days were focused on Italian cuisine, and today and tomorrows lessons will be on French cuisine.

Today, I will share the pictures from the rest of at-Sunrice.  A few of the rooms are not completed yet, but are well on there way.

Executive Office Area

The Library Shop is the Student, Lounge, Library, and Bookstore all rolled into one..

This area is where we have lunch, the buffet table has induction units build in

Soon to come class photos and my class in production.....

Thank you for taking the time  to read, Have a great day!!!

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