Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 1 In Singapore- Part 1

I didn't sleep much because of jet lag, being overtired, sleeping in a strange bed, let alone a new undiscovered country, This is a picture of Evelyn Mansions where the condo I am staying at is located.

This is the few from outside the condo

I went out to explore via previously given directions to the local mall area, everything is still decorated from Chinese New Year

I also went to Cold Storage, the Singapore grocery store
the prices, oh the prices,, cereal that we would buy for $5 is 16 Singapore Dollars, beer is 5 Singapore Dollars a bottle, Wine is no less than 22 Singapore Dollars, for what would cost me $8.00.  Then we have the outrageous prices on meat and produce.  Since everything is imported, the prices reflect the cost to get it hear.  I did find, logically so, bargains on a Chinese chocolate bar, Japanese snacks, and Green Ice Tea,

The guy in front of me bought some bananas and a few other pieces of produce and it cost 45 Singapore dollars.  I also bought a international phone card, for 10 Singapore dollars,,, (from now on Singapore dollars will be denoted as S then the amount.

So that was part one of today's adventure, more to come, stay tuned, by the way, its in the 80's here, sunny, tropical, and ohhh so better than the New England winter,,,,,

Also gas is S1.90 for the high test.... I just found this amazing coconut spread that I put on raisin bread, yum yum...

Ok, there was no part two to this blog as I feel asleep around 8 pm and caught up on sleep..

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