Friday, February 4, 2011


I have arrived in Singapore, just unpacked at the condo, its 2:23 am on Saturday February 5th.  I am exhausted, the flights were all great. No delays, and no bad weather, basically got off one plane and onto another.  Slept a little but not much, the 14 hour flight to Tokyo  seemed to go quicker than the 7 hour flight to Singapore. I flew United, and they did a great job, the food was blah, but for airline food, what can you expect.

When I arrived at the condo, they didn't leave a key for me, but a note, well long story short, I have a roommate at the Condo I didn't know about, a Frenchman who is the project manager of opening up the new school, but its all good.

Have an 11 am meeting at the school for orientation... So as I type this I should be sleeping but am overtired.

More to come soon, and lots and lots of pictures.

Goodnight to me,,,, Good afternoon to my blog followers..

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