Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 3 & 4 First Days of Teaching at-Sunrice

This Blog contains two days, this was caused by the Internet service at the condo being down for a day and a half.  Enjoy my combined blog:

Today is my first actual work day here in Singapore, I am scheduled to work at 3pm, but because it is my first day and because they are opening up in the new building I plan on being there by noonish and no later than 1pm.

Today, was exciting, confusing, stressful and rewarding all in a 9 hour work day.

There are 14 students in the class, but only 11 attended today, perhaps they are still recovering from Chinese New Year.

The typical student schedule for a pm class in the kitchen is as follows:
3:00-4:45 lecture
4:45-5:00 break
5:00-8:00 production
8:00-9:00 dinner and clean up

Today's lecture and menu was on Norther Italian Cuisine, cooking methods, the students were attentive, engaged and participated in discussions.

The following are pictures of the Western Kitchen, the really exciting part for me is I am the first Chef to use the kitchen, it is brand new, all new equipment!!!!

Recycling is a key part of the new kitchens....

Day one was a successful day, but as with any first day with a class it is a bit bumpy, but all and all it was a great day.

Day Two:

Today I arrived at work at 12:30 so I could prepare, have some lunch and grade the students from day one. I had 13 of the 14 students in attendance.

Day two went very smooth, the days theme was Southern Italy, and the menu items that the student prepared were very good, and they did a very well on plate presentation as well. 

In Singapore, I need a electronic swipe card to do everything: it can be frustrating sometimes, because I have to stop, pull out that specific swipe card and continue on my way.

I need a swipe card to get into the condo, another for the MRT subway system, another for the school, my atm card to get cash, etc, ect...

The students actually enter and leave at-Sunrice by a scan of their thumb print, that scan is also recorded with a software program to detail the students who are in, and who have left the building.  This is also used for the staff and faculty, but since I am only here for two weeks, I instead go another bloody scan card....

Jet lag still has its affects on me, but slowly wearing off.

Sunday is my one day off during this trip and I plan on doing most of my site seeing on this day, especially a trip to China Town....

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