Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 2- Orientation at-Sunrice Global Chef Acadamey

Since I went to bed around 8pm last night, I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am.  I procrastinated getting out of bed, but eventually did rise around 6:30.  I then proceeded to take a morning walk for an  hour walking up and down the commercial area of malls and restaurants near my condo.  This is when I bought a delicious coconut jam called KAYA or Sri Kaya it is a Malaysian Favourite of Coconut, Cream & Egg.  I had it on raisin bread for breakfast.  Then I also bought a "Grass Jelly Drink" with Chunky Jelly Cubes- a Body Quencher... ok it was a bad buy on my part, cant drink it,,, I thought it would be like bubble tea, but it is not. 

At-Sunrice HistoryHistory
1. CEO Christophe Megel received the 7th International Management Actions Award (IMAA)
2. At-Sunrice received the Recognition of Achievements and Contribution to the success of the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games 2010 by the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee
3. National Environment Agency (NEA) appoints At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy as the official training provider for the "WSQ Conduct Food and Beverage Hygiene Audit" - accredited under Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications System (WSQ) framework
4. Accredited the EduTrust certification by Council of Private Education (CPE)
5. Confers 2010 At-Sunrice GlobalChef© Award to 7 recipients

1. Accredited with National CET Institute (NCI) by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA)
2. Rolls out WSQ Diploma in Pastry & Baking and 12 WSQ CE programmes
3. Starts the first WSQ Diploma in Culinary Arts, WSQ Certificate in F&B Service, WSQ Certificate in Food Production
4. Finalist, STB Singapore Education Awards for Best Enrichment Programme "Study Abroad Singapore"
5. Officially adopts WSQ curriculum and diplomas
6. Confers 2009 At-Sunrice GlobalChef© Award to 5 recipients
1. CEO Christophe Megel is conferred Chevalier (Knight) in Ordre national du Mérite (National Order of Merit) by the President of the French Republic
2. Accredited by WDA as Quality Provider (QP) for WSQ programs
3. Awarded WGS WSQ Approved Training Organisation of the Year
4. Awarded WGS Electrolux Culinary Institution of the Year
5. Confers 2008 At-Sunrice GlobalChef© Award to 4 recipients

1. Achieves Singapore Quality Class for Private Education Organisation (SQC PEO)
2. CEO Chef Christophe Megel is conferred French Master Chef status by Maitre de Cuisinier (French Association of Master Chefs)
3. Awarded next 250 WSQ culinary scholarships worth S$4.72 Million for DCCSE and DIPB programs, as well as Continuing Education programs
4. Confers the 2007 At-Sunrice GlobalChef© Award to 6 recipients
1. Accredited by WDA for WSQ programs and awarded the first 100 culinary scholarships for DCCSE and DIPB programs worth S$1.5 Million
2. Founder Mrs Kwan Lui receives World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence 2006 SPRING Singapore Lifetime Achievement Award
3. Opens new wing at the cost of S$1.5 Million, to include professional Asian and Western kitchens, a Pastry and Baking school as well as a Wine Academy, expanding the professional academy by twice
4. Starts the 15-month Diploma in Pastry and Baking Arts (DIPB) in Singapore.
5. Confers the 2006 At-Sunrice GlobalChef© Award to 4 recipients

1. Starts the one-year Diploma in Culinary Craft (DCC)
2. Starts the three-month Culinary & Service Excellence certificate course (CSE)
3. Achieves CASETrust Accreditation
4. Recognised as WDA Approved Training Centre (NSRS)
5. Becomes member of the French Culinary Institute (FCI)
6. Confers the first At-Sunrice GlobalChef© Award to 8 recipients

1. Starts the first two-year Advanced Culinary Placement Diploma (ACP) jointly offered with Johnson & Wales University (JWU) for Asian students
2. Develops the Culinary & Service Excellence Certificate (CSE)
3. Deploys the Study & Work pedagogy with top hotel and F&B outlets.

1. Introduces SpiceOdyssey® to the general public - a fun, experiential and educational alfresco event featuring the 10 Kingdoms of Spices
2. Becomes member of American Culinary Federation (ACF)
1. Starts the first professional classes in Asian Culinary Arts (ACA) and Term Abroad (TA) for Johnson & Wales University (JWU)

1. Starts the first class in leisure morning gourmet and corporate bonding

Now on to my Orientation:

This is the building that at-Sunrice is located in, don't you just love the frog... Cant miss it when giving directions to someone,,, just look for the building with the sushi frog on it.  :)  Rib bit

Mr. Chow from the school picked me up a little after 11 am for my orientation.  The orientation was a overview of the new building and some procedures, since tomorrow is the first day in the new building everyone was double checking everything and having meetings to ensure that all goes according to plan.

I am working the PM lab classes for 8 out of my 10 class days, with only one day off, that being next Sunday.  I will have many pictures of the new building, but I can tell you, it was breath taking to me, but more to come soon.  So I work tomorrow at 1pm to get acclimated, and learn there systems and forms of grading etc,  more to follow after my first day teaching.

Ok now on to more exploration and lunch:

I went to Newton Hawkers Centre, this is an outdoor food courte, but the owners of each little establishment , prompt you, persuade you, and do whatever they can to have you eat at their shop.  I would guess and say there are 40 of the little food vendors in the Centre.

I had the specialty duck rice, it was very good.

As you may or may not know Dengue fever can sometimes be a problem here in Singapore, an construction site I walk to on my way to the subway station (MRT) has this funny sign posted.

 The MRT or mass rapid transit (subway) system in Singapore is the cleanest, fastest, most organized subway system I have ever seen, I will be using the MRT 80% of the time to get around so I am glad that it is so efficient and easy to use.  Luckily for me as well there is a subway station right across from at-Sunrice
and the station near the condo is no more than a 10 minute walk.  I did get lost coming home but luckily the parsley showed me the way, yes, parsley, I happen to notice a big patch of parsley near the MRT and when I was lost, I saw the parsley and I knew I where I was, funny, a chef using parsley as a map....

For the evening I ventured to Clarke Quay, Clarke Quay is the place where you go when you want to have over 200 dining options and want every cuisine on the world.  If you want it, its there. And across the Singapore river is a large , large, mall called Central

So one of the restaurants had this... do you know what it is?  I really want to try it.....
They are Gooey Ducks,,,  a large salt water clam....

Enjoy the orchids, until I blog again:

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