Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Costa Rica Study Abroad Day 8- Agro-eco-tourism: Pineapple, Coffee, Vainilla, Black Pepper (Ants Farm) Tours.

Day Eight

Day eight was a day of tours in Sarapiquí.  First a Pineapple Plant (Dole), followed by a small farmer who has a curiosity about leaf cutter ants, pepper plants and vanilla beans and finally a Fair Trade coffee cooperative. We also visited a small soap and shampoo start-up business cooperative.

At Finca Corsicana Pineapple Farm (Dole) we took a trailer tour of the pineapple fields (planting & harvesting) as well as a visit to the pineapple packing plant.

At Mi Cafecito we took a tour of the fair trade coffee cooperative.  We were able to see the coffee beans on the coffee plant, picked, sorted, dried, roasted and packed.  We also got a demonstration on extracting the sugar cane juice and tasting it with and without a sugar cane spirit.

At the small farmers property we saw his leaf cutter ant exhibit as well as his vanilla and pepper plants.


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