Saturday, July 6, 2013

Costa Rica Study Abroad Day 5- La Tirimbina Biological Reserve & Lodge

Day 5

Day five started with breakfast and a the start of our  daily lectures on  Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism by former director and sustainable eco tourism guru of La Tirimbina Biological Reserve & Lodge Carlos Chavarria,.

He started out by going over the history and purpose of La Tirimbina Biological Reserve & Lodge, and the watched CRACKING THE GOLDEN EGG the story of how large corporations destroy the environment without benefiting the people living there.  This set the stage for the next week plus worth of active field projects and lectures

After lunch we took a Nature hike/Intro to the Rainforest, but to get there we had to travel over the longest suspension foot bridge I have ever seen.  The following are some of the photos I was able to capture.

Additional Photos

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