Monday, July 1, 2013

Costa Rica Study Abroad- From Providence to San Jose Day #1

From Providence, RI to San Jose Costa Rica (with a layover in Charlotte, NC

Bright and early on Monday July 1, 2013 I departed from Providence, RI for my one month adventure in Costa Rica.  Today is the official start of the program and myself along with 26 students are scheduled to arrive in San Jose Costa Rica today.  My Co-Program Advisor Donna Faria arrived at our destination yesterday.

My layover in Charolette was a quick one and it seemed as though I got off one plane and onto another.  The flight was to be 3 hours and 45 minutes from Charolette to San Jose, it was by all acounts a smooth jorney.  

The lunch I purchased (as there is no such thing as a free meal) was a chicken wrap, bag of chips and a few cookies.  Credit card was the only means of purchase and all in all it was ok....

I watched Life of PI for the first few hours of the flight, but there is something to be said about watching a movie where a guy is floating around hopelessly on a raft while flying over the ocean....

Arrival in San Jose airport when fast, in fact I think I cleared customs quicker than any other country I have visited.    Once I picked up my luggage and headed outside I saw a sign that said Johnson & Wales University. There I was kindly welcomed and off we went to the Double Tree hotel.

index.html.gifOnce at the hotel I was greeted by Professor Donna Faria and our tour guide for the entire trip Ricardo Howell as well as some of the students that had already arrived to the hotel.  Most students had arrived by 4pm, but one student was going to be late because of the bad storms on the East Cost of the USA.

Although cloudy and rainy, the pool area is still a tropical paradise.

The schedule for the evening was low key, we had time to rest until 5:30 when we all gathered together for the program welcome by Ricardo.  Then it was time for dinner at 7:00 and then off to bed so we can get a good nights rest before the 5:00 am breakfast call.

Lecture/Welcome in the outdoor classroom


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