Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Costa Rica Study Abroad Day 2- Tortuguero Village & Turtle Research Center


On Day 2 we left the Double Tree hotel in San Jose and headed to the Tortuguero Village & Turtle Research Center.

When we left he hotel we headed for downtown San Jose where Ricardo gave us an overview of the country, its history, it political make up, its economy etc.

Once we left the capital city we headed down the mountains for 3 hours making our way to sea level.  We crossed the Continental Divide of the Americas  and after a few hours of seeing some beautiful topography, endless banana fields we made it to our rendezvous point.

In order to get to the Tortuguero area  we had to takea boat taxi to get  to Evergreen Lodge Tortuguero where we will be staying for two nights.

Once arriving at the lodge I fell in love with the location and lifestyle , you will see what I mean in the photos below, but imagine being stranded on a island that has an basic infrastructure and indigenous wildlife all around, monkeys, birds, frogs, spiders, lizards, and somethings I didn't even know what they were.

After settling in we got back on the boat for a quick 5 minute ride to Tortuguero Village  & Turtle
Research Center  here are some cutter ants doing their job at Tortuguero

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