Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 9- Chinatown

As mentioned in my last posting, I was spending part of my day off going to Chinatown, I arrived at noon, as noon is opening for a Sunday.  Since I arrived at opening, the area had very few visitors, but still many locals bustling around.  As well the street is decorated still with all of the Lunar Chinese New Year decorations- Year of the Rabbit.

I went out of my way to go off the beaten path, without getting lost, if I saw an area with just person who looked as though they were from China, or other parts of Asia, I followed where they were going. 

The one downside, was that every tailor, and suite maker, was trying to get me to have them make a suite or shirts for me, first they would want to invite me in to the air condition and out of the humid hot air, then they wanted to offer me a drink.. Then as you probably have guessed by now, then they wanted to measure me, pick cloth and have suite or shirts made.  Although tempting, I would rather speak to someone At-Sunrice for commendations first.  From my experience with others who have custom suites build in Asia, if you are tall like me, the legs are to short!..

I also visited the local shopping area, and I saw how the locals purchase their meats, fish, and sundries as you will see below in the photos.  Many of the items that we in the States would never think of eating are common place here, and are very fresh.

I also met this very nice lady who was selling local Asian cuisine items, we chatted for awhile about food, Singapore and the US

The Chinatown Centre has all the little shop for souvenirs and the such, as you will see other than restaurants and tailors, and eastern medicine shops that claim to have an herbal cure to fix what ails you, most shops have either scarfs and cloth galore, or just anything Singapore that could be considered a souvenir.

Finally I visited two religious buildings, I enjoyed these very much, although I didn't understand much of what was going on.

First is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Second is the Sri Mariamman Temple

I had a very enjoyable day in Chinatown, I do not know what my evening holds, but if I take pictures I will share,,,,,

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