Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 12- Site Visits, Student Practicals and the Students Final Exam

Today is Day 12 of my Singapore adventure: I have started my day early so I can meet Chef Kooh At-Sunrice to do two site visits, one at Santosa and the other at Capella, two high end hotels in Singapore.

At The Sentosa Hotel, I and Chef Bin meet with the Executive Chef Ryan Sonson (JWU alumni from the Charleston Campus) and Danny Lee, Director of HR.  We discussed the student work program At-Sunrice and the JWU internship program.  Both the Sentosa property and the Capella property look as though would be found in the Mediterranean.  At Capella, Executive Chef Jakob Esko, greeted us and gave us a tour of the lavish and hotel, with many villas, apartments and traditional hotel rooms.  Both properties offer luxury accommodations, fine dining and both have energetic talented chefs at the helm.

Today is also the day that the students take their final exams, a 50 question review and test of the first 7 days of lecture and production.  More importantly, the students get to do their evaluation of me.. :)

I also have a new flatmate at the condo, Carrie Stebbins from the Denver Campus has joined me in the Condo as she will be teaching a Principles of Dining room and Beverage Service class starting Friday.

Chef Christophe Megel,Chief Executive Officer at-sunrice GlobalChef Academy gave me a copy of his cookbook Asian Tapas Small Bites, Big Flavor, check it out, great read, pictures and recipes.

Today's Practical Menu:

Unfortunately, my batteries in my camera died and I wasn't able to take all of the photos from today's menu.

  • Potage Parisien
  • Salmon en Croute de Pommes de Terre
  • Potrine de Volaiile Farcie aux Empinards, Coulis de Poivrons Rouges, Galettes de Pomme de Terre, et Chouxcroute Rouges aux Pomme et Marrons
  • Grilled Steack en Eventail avec Courgette et Tapenade, Aubergines Farcies, et Pommes Gaufrettes
  • Pomponettes de Sole, Beurre Blanc, Asperges et Champignons, et Pommes de Terre Nature
  • Salad de Faisan sur Mesclun


  1. hi chef,

    Since you have studies in JWU and taught western cuisine course in AT- Sunrice Global chef academy, i would like to know your view about the quality of education, instructor background and quality, course relevance to the current industry requirement in the sunrice as i am considering to join their Patisserie diploma(WSQ). I dont have culinary background and i am going to shift my career from comfoy corporate job to follow my passion in the kitchen. I have been researching on lot of culinary school options, this came as one of the option

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