Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 14- Back home and Reflecting....Class Photos

I arrived back home to Rhode Island last night Friday February 18th slightly before midnight.  My flights were all on time.  The only set back was when I was going through customs in China.  Because I was just using the Shanghai airport as a connector to catch another flight, the customs officials had to ask me 50 questions, look at my passport and ticket to Chicago, what seems like 100 times, and I had to answered the same questions to 5 or more customs officials.  But all worked out in the end and I was on my way back home to the USA.

My last night in Singapore, I was taken to dinner by F&B superstar and Singapore native Ashwin Chelleram and Chef Thierry Marais, both consultants for the opening of the new At-Sunrice School. We went to a Singapore restaurant the Ashwin has been going to almost all of his life, the restaurant was located in downtown Singapore, but away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  The food was fantastic, the wines the Ashwin brought from home, were terrific.  We started with a French Champagne, then a great German Riesling and finally a Pinot Noir.  The dinner consisted of large steamed prawns, chili crab (a Singapore favorite), peppercorn crab, fried cuttlefish, a Chinese noodle dish, a chicken dish and finally a dessert of mango something, but I forget the name of it.  The dinner and wine as well as the great company left me leaving Singapore on a great note.

And finally; the class photos.  Until we meet again my new friends from Singapore:

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