Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 13- All Good Things Must Come to an End

Today will be my last full day in Singapore as I fly out Friday morning. I have enjoyed my time here in Singapore, although I am in Asia, I have felt as though I was in the US the entire time.  Granted their are some unique and definite differences, some good, some indifferent, but I find Singaporians, friendly, the streets clean, the technology amazing, the weather hot and humid, and there is a very loud bird that wakes me up every morning.

I want to thank all the administration, faculty, staff and students At-Sunrice for welcoming me with open arms, making me feel at home and for all of their help and support. Chef Christophe, (thank you for a copy of your cookbook), Chef Randy, Chef Boon, Chef Ashwin, Chef Fredric, Chef Harald, Chef Xihong, ChefRam, Chef Montri, Chef Eng, Chef Alan, Muriel, Kedora, Chef Tan and Marie, I am sure I may have missed a few persons, but you are included as well.  Thank you At-Sunrice for a great experience and the signed cookbook.
A special thank you to my guardian angel (a term used by the school for the faculty member who is assigned to be you guide, support, director, etc) Chef Andreas, you have been very helpful, supportive and it has been a pleasure to work with my friend.

To Chef Bin, thank you for taking me on the site visits to Santosa and Capella and sharing your culinary experiences and adventures with me.

A special thanks to my students, who have made my teaching stay here, fun, educational (on both sides) and rewarding.  Bobby, Chow, Cui, Matthew, Ivan, Justin, Kumaresan, Loh, Low, Daniel, Alvin, Sahil, Tang and Teh.  Please keep in touch and let me know where you end up after At-Sunrice.

And this adventure would have never been afforded to me with out having to pleasure to work for Johnson & Wales University and the support of  Chef Guggenmous, Chef Jack Chiaro, Sheri Ispir and Andrea Frost.
So I depart from Singapore on Friday February 18th at 10am, fly to Shanghai, from Shanghai I go to the windy city of Chicago, and finally to the place I call home Rhode Island, arriving at TF Green Airport on Friday February 18th at 10:38pm, thanks to the international date line my return trip is actually 25 hours, but time wise it is only a 12 hour trip once I arrive back home.

Todays American Student Practical Menu:

Yellow Squash and Jicama Soup with Jalapeno Chili, and Squash Blossoms
Eggplant and Potato “Cannelloni” with Wilted Beet Greens and Cardamom-Carrot Juice
Grilled Pork Tenderloin served with Sweet and Sour Braised Onions and Ragout of Black-Eyed Peas
Applewood Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Steak with Vermont Maple Sauce and Cranberry Chutney served with Lobster and Roasted Red Pepper Risotto
Pan Seared Fresh Halibut with Shiitake Mushroom and Shallot White Wine Sauce
Barley Risotto with Smithfield Ham and Roasted Asparagus
Red and Green Pear Salad with Belgian Endive, Arugula, Blue Goat Cheese, and Sherry Wine Vinaigrette