Thursday, July 25, 2013

Costa Rica Study Abroad Day 25- Sarchi Ox-cart Factory

Day 25

On day Twenty Five (our last day of the program) we went to the Sarchi Ox-cart Factory on our way back to San Jose.

The artisan town in Costa Rica, Sarchi is best known for the vibrant and pretty oxcarts that are handcrafted here and sold all over the country. Available for a reasonable price, these oxcarts are a must buy for any visitor.

A national symbol of Costa Rica, the oxcart plays a key role in the country’s history, as they were used to transport coffee beans to nearby and faraway markets. 

Highly ornate, these oxcarts are elegantly craved and are usually painted with bright colors. The largest and oldest oxcart factories are in Sarchi, and are considered to be the birthplace of oxcart handicrafts in Costa Rica.

Sarchi was celebrating a National Holiday and we got to see some of the locals celebrating.

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