Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Compass Group USA Faculty Internship: Charlotte, NC- Day One

Day 1
Compass Group USA Faculty Internship Charlotte, NC.

Day one started with Professor Blum and myself being picked up at the  DoubleTree Airport Hotel by Aleshia McMath Campus Program Manager for Compass Group and our Compass JWU liaison. 

Aleshia took us for a very short ride to the Compass headquarters which is located right down the street from the hotel. Once at the Compass headquarters we were given a tour of the Compass Museum.  At the museum one can find many pictures and historical items as well as the JWU/Compass Group Covenant pictures and documents.  Although the museum is quite small it is full of very interesting artifacts. 



After the museum tour it was off to our first appointment with Gary Snyder EVP Human Resources who gave us an overview on the growth of Compass, their recruitment needs and their plans for the future. 

Followed by Amanda Heierman Sr. Financial Analyst who passionately discussed how Compass and its sectors manage their accounting process.  

We then met with Cheryl Queen VP Communications who is responsible for the internal communication of over 200,000 employees as well as external communication to the public. 

I asked Cheryl if there are any future trends that Compass is already involved in that may not be on Cheryl radar yet.  She stated that the fair and ethical treatment of farmer workers is a fast growing trend and that Compass has already been working with suppliers on fair and ethical solutions.  

I asked her if she had read one of my favorite books on the subject TOMATOLAND and she had.  In return she shared with me the following article recently published: Why Social Sustainability Should Be Part Of Every Business by Paul Rice.  (if you haven't read either yet, please do)

We then had lunch at Belk one of the local accounts: 

After lunch we met with Louise Bijesse Director, Recruitment Resource Network. She gave us an overview on the recruitment process of Compass group.

She stressed to us to how important is for a candidate to realize that  all of the steps leading up to a face to face interview are actually considered part of the interview process.

Perhaps one of the most exciting meetings of the day was with Dennis Hogan CEO, Vending.  He enlightened us on how far/fast vending has grown because of technology and how  new vending concepts are quickly growing in many of Compass's industry segments.  

The following are some exciting and innovative vending machines. Such the Avenue C upscale convenience store concept and the UB2 health conscience vending machines.

We then finished the day with dinner at Wolfgang Puck Pizza Bar

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