Saturday, July 27, 2013

Compass Group USA Faculty Internship: Charlotte, NC- Overview

I have the great privilege along with Professor Ron Blum to participate in a week long faculty internship with Compass Group USA in Charlotte, NC. 

Our mission is to investigate how the company operates and bring this information back to the classroom.  We will be seeking out information about current trends, technology used, accounting practices and how current students can be successful working for Compass Group.

This information will also be useful for teaching the FSM 4040 On-Site Foodservice class.

The following is an overview of Compass Group from their website.  

Over the next week I will provide a more detailed look into the company and our experiences.

Our Mission​
Everyone in Compass Group is committed to consistently delivering superior service in the most efficient way, for the shared benefit of our customers, shareholders and associates.

Our Guiding Principles
1. Safety, Health and Environment First  – Never  compromise on the health and safety of our customers and our people, and to manage responsibly the impact that our business has on the environment.
2. Delivering for Clients and Consumers – Earn the continued loyalty of our customers by consistently demonstrating why we are the first choice for quality, service, value and innovation.
3. Developing our People and Valuing Diversity – Recognize the diversity and contribution of our people. We create a work environment that is challenging and provides the opportunities and support for everyone to develop, learn and succeed.
4. Profitable Growth – Deliver shareholder value through disciplined, sustainable growth, underpinned by strong governance, that contributes to and leverages the benefits of our global scale.
5. Constant Focus on Performance and Efficiency – Deliver the highest quality and performance, whilst relentlessly driving to be the lowest cost, most efficient provider. 

Our Values
1. Openness, Trust and Integrity – we set the highest ethical and professional standards at all times. We want all our relationships to be based on honesty, respect, fairness and a commitment to open dialogue and transparency. 
2. Passion for Quality – we are passionate about delivering superior food and service and take pride in achieving this. We look to replicate success, learn from mistakes and develop the ideas, innovation and practices that will help us improve and lead our market. 
3. Win Through Teamwork – we encourage individual ownership, but work as a team. We value the expertise, individuality and contribution of all colleagues, working in support of each other and readily sharing good practice, in pursuit of shared goals. 
4. Responsibility – we take responsibility for our actions, individually and as a Group. Every day, everywhere we look to make a positive contribution to the health and wellbeing of our customers, the communities we work in and the world we live in. 
5. Can-do – we take a positive and commercially aware “can-do” approach to the opportunities and challenges we face.


British-based Compass Group PLC dates back to 1941 with the foundation of 'Factory Canteens Ltd' in England and Compass Group's beginning in the USA also began with the acquisition of another canteen, Canteen Corporation, located in Spartanburg, SC with $1 billion USD in revenues during this time.

The following year, Compass Group USA relocated its headquarters to Charlotte, NC. We were awarded with what was, at that time, the largest business and industry account in the US foodservice market, providing IBM’s 100,000 employees with food and vending. That same year, we  acquired FLIK International, a $56 million USD contract company based in the New York area.

And that was just in the first two years....

Compass Group has become the global leader in contract foodservice and hospitality through a simple recipe:
great people, great service, great results. 

This easy-to-follow recipe serves millions, from vending to restaurants, from corporate cafes to school lunches. 
If you've been hungry and away from home, chances are good that you've tasted Compass Group's food
 and unmistakable service.
Business & IndustryEducationCultural & Specialty Dining 
Bon Appétit Management Co.
Canteen Refreshments Services
FLIK International
Lackmann Culinary Services
Restaurant Associates​
Bon Appétit Management Co.
Flik Independent School Dining​
Lackmann Culinary Services
Levy RestaurantsBon Appétit Management Co.
Restaurant Associates
Wolfgang Puck Catering
Healthcare & Senior LivingVending & Refreshment Services
Morrison Healthcare
Morrison Senior Living
TouchPoint Support Services
FLIK Conference Centers & HotelsLevy Restaurants

Canteen Vending
Canteen Refreshments Services
Best Vendors
Support ServicesCrothall Healthcare
Eurest Services
SSC Service Solutions
TouchPoint Support Services
Remote SitesESS Alaska
ESS Gulf 
Strategic PartnerThompson HospitalityPurchasingFoodbuy

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