Thursday, August 1, 2013

Compass Group USA Faculty Internship: Charlotte, NC- Day Three

Day 3

We encountered the Business and Industry (B&I) segment on day three as we visited TIAA- CREF and Bank of America both of which are Eurest Accounts.

As a member of Compass Group North America, the global leader in contract foodservice, Eurest can offer your company access to a range of their exceptional foodservice solutions. From corporate dining, restaurants, hospitals, sports & entertainment to school cafeterias, Compass Group can provide your business with comprehensive foodservice management and support.

The following are some pictures from the TIAA-CREF account:

Here are some of the marketing and promotional signs focused on sustainability and the wellness 

The Chef and the Foodservice Manager

Integrated technology

Concern for the planet and sustainability 

Additionally we had some extra time so we got a chance to visit another Canteen account at SHUTTERFLY

The employees of Shutterfly are able to eat out of the vending machines at a deep discount (e.g. .25-$1.00 per item) because they are not permitted to leave the building during their breaks

The Dining Room

Coffee Station for the Board Room

The unman Avenue C Market concept that uses cameras and thumbprint scans and technology to complete a purchase

The following are pictures from the Bank of America account

Due to restrictions on photography I was only able to take very limited pictures.  We visited the Taste Food Concept as well as the Bank of America Corporate Dining Room on the 59th floor as well as the BAC Conference Center. 

There were many impressive sites to be seen on the 59th floor with the artwork and decor.  The foodservice managers, chefs and staff were very hospitable and are very passionate.  

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