Thursday, June 23, 2011

CAFE Leadership Conference- Day 1 (Providence)

I became involved with CAFE (Center for the Advancement of Food Service Education) a few years back while doing a research project for a Culinary Curriculum class I took as part of Master of Arts in Education degree program. 

Dean Paul McVety the Dean of Culinary Education at JWU introduced me to Mary Peterson the CAFE President during that time, and I have happily been connected with this great organization since.  This is my second Cafe Leadership Conference and I am happy to share my experiences.

Pictures from the conference

JUNE 23-25, 2011

Thursday June 23rd Agenda
9-4 p.m. Culinary Education Best Practices Symposium (Culinary Museum)

James Griffin, Associate Provost, JWU welcoming the CAFE Culinary Education Best Practices Attendees

9-11 a.m. Master Classes (choice of) Molecular Gastronomy, Chocolate Showpieces or a Guided Tour of the Johnson & Wales Culinary Museum.

Chocolate Showpieces with Chef Armstrong  

Chef Terranova Molecular Gastronomy

1-3 p.m. Master Classes (choice of) Healthy & Delicious Italian, Hot Asian Cuisines, or Cheese Making in a Jar (and a beer pairing exercise)

Cheese Making in a Jar with Sara Hill, Culinary Manager, Cheese Educator
and Dean Sommer Food Scientist

Chef Dion and Dean Sommer separate the curds & whey

The participants examine the curd, once the whey was removed

Sara Hill preparing the cheese plates, below displaying the beginning stages of the Cheese & Whey

HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS ITALIAN- Executive Chef Lorenzo Bond, Barilla

Hot Asian Cuisines - Chef Steve Jilleba, Unilever

Additional Workshops:
  • Professional Development: Principles, Priorities and Practices
    • Fred Mayo
  • Factors Affecting New Program Development: Culinary Management-International, A Dumpling by Any Other Name
    • Chef Sam Glass, Centennial College
  • Killer Apps in the Kitchen: Teaching and Technology in the Culinary Classroom
    • Chef Brendan Walsh & Andi Sciacca, Culinary Institute of America
  • Determining the Quality of Post-Secondary Culinary Arts Degree Programs: A review of various approaches and recommendations
    • Dr James E. Griffin, Johnson & Wales University
    • Eric Frauwirth, Baltimore International College
  • Declaration, Demonstration, and Discussion; Teaching the Culinary Arts
    • Dr. Fred Mayo
  • Culinary Outcomes & Assessment
    • Susan Marshall, Chef Michael Makuch, Johnson & Wales University
  • Best Practices in Program Development
    • Dr. Paul McVety, Barbara Robinson, Johnson & Wales University

6:30-8:30 p.m. Opening Night Reception
Signature Dish Stations/Open Bar
Welcome by JWU President John Bowen
Innovation Awards and Green Award Winners Announced
Guests Welcome

I had a class to teach during the Opening Night Reception, thus I was unable to attend.

A special thank you to the CAFE President and Editor in Chief-  Mary Peterson and to Brett Frei- Editor and Marketing Director for such a great event.

  Until I blog again: Eat Well, Live Live and Be Safe.....

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