Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away! The Nomadic Chef wants to Plant!!!

Well to be perfectly honest, I have been saddened by this weeks cool and rainy weather. After coming off the gardening high I experienced at the 19th Annual Rare & Unusual Plant sale, this weather has tried to "dampen" my spirit, but I know gray sky's are going to clear up and then I shall shout... Ready.,,, Set,,, Plant!!!!...

Both of my raised vegetable beds were complete last Sunday taking about two hours to build, the garden soil, a specific blend of loam, compost and peat has been ordered through Smithfield Peat and is scheduled to be delivered on Friday.  The plants now patiently waiting inside my house on my dining room table to find their new home deep in fresh garden soil.

This year the only plant I am growing from seed are the bush bean seeds I received free  from One Seed Rhode Island as part of Farm Fresh RI's new initiative to give Rhode Islanders  the opportunity to grow the Provider Bush Bean and share their collective harvest and experiences. Connect online at  Currently these beans are sleeping in their small peat growing pots and I am anticipating them to poke their heads out towards the sky soon.

The cost of the project was reasonable (cost breakdown below), and I am sure I could have scaled back my project and not made the raised beds so big or I could have build one bed instead of two, but I want to be able to grow multiple plants, with multiple types of each, concentrating on heirloom varieties.  Additionally I built them 18" high in hopes that my two dogs would stay out of the garden.

  • The cost of the 4.5 cu/yd of Garden Soil from Smithfield Peat delivered was $123.00
  • The cost of the black garden netting from Job Lot were $5.00
  • The cost of  three 4x4x8 posts from Home Depot were $33.50
  • The cost of eleven 2x10x12 boards from Home Depot were $123.50
  • The cost of  green #1 screws from Home Depot were $28.00
  • I spent $54.00 on vegetable plants at the 19th Annual Rare & Unusual Plant Sale
  • The cost of two drip hoses from Walmart were $16.00

Thus the total (and well worth it) cost for this project: $383.42 or $191.71 per raised bed.

I hope to post soon with pictures of the plants in their new homes.  Rain Rain Go Away!!

Until I blog again, Eat Well, Live Life and Be Safe

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