Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Montreal Christmas- Leaving Rhode Island

I was scheduled to leave yesterday from Rhode Island around 11 pm to start my journey north to Montreal.  Unfortunately my mothers flight did not arrive until close to 1 am, thus we were a few hours behind schedule.

We got on the road around 1:30 am, we took interstate 95 North from Rhode Island to 93 North to 89 North.  The weather was wet and windy, but it could have easily been worse, it is winter after all so it could have been a snowy and dangerous travels, so all in all I can not complain. 

We made great time getting to the US-Canada border, around 6 hours.

The boarder crossing was simple and painless, when we arrived at the crossing we were the only car there so we did not have to wait in line.  The Canadian customs agent was quick and efficient with his questions, checking our credentials and doing his job. 

Once in Canada, we quickly went from a highway to a two lane road, the terrain was flat and farms populated the country side.  Suddenly I had to reassess my driving as the road signs went from English to French and the speed limit from miles per hour to kilometers per hour and on top of that we started to experience some icy conditions as freezing rain had just finished falling.

After about an hour or so we finally reached a very frosty ice coated Montreal and my brothers flat.  I napped a few hours at his place before heading to the B&B I was staying at to check in.

Once I arrived at the B&B  Chez Diane & Denis Couette et Café, I quickly realized that my brother did a great job finding me a place to stay, upon entering I was quickly hit with wonderful aroma of today's culinary creation and warmly greeted by Denis and Chef Diane, I was given a tour, checked in and made to feel like I was part of their family.  Although their website is in French, here is a rough translation:

Welcome to the comforter and coffee Diane and Denis.  We are very happy to welcome yourself to our warm one and comfortable bed & breakfast in the middle of the heart of the neighborhood Rosemont, to Montreal.  Situated opposite the magnificent park Beaubien, to five minutes of the Subway, our charm comforter and coffee consisting of 3 comfortable and well equipped rooms of the pleasant common areas and a pretty garden with terrace. 
Comforter and coffee Diane and Denis, a refuge and ideal to discover all that the beautiful city of Montreal has to present you, you offer the services of which have you need to return your stay of the most pleasant ones.  You will be able therefore to take advantage of a private parking, Internet cordless telephone, telephone service and of local télécopieur as well as bicycles at your disposal. 

The rooms of the bed & breakfast consisting of all of the cabled television and readers dvd.  Our lunches are delicious and diversified and you will have served to the dining room, to the room or to the garden, according to your preference. 
I am staying in the La rustique room, here is a photo:

Tomorrow should be an agenda packed day, so we decided to keep our evening simply so I attempted to nap (unsuccessfully) a few hours before heading back to my brothers flat for dinner. Fin

Until I blog again.  Live Life, Eat Well, and Be Safe

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