Friday, December 23, 2011

A Montreal Christmas, Day 1 December 23rd

After a much needed long nights nap, I arose to a clatter of Chef Diane cooking up our breakfast, (not really a clatter, but a calming hum).  The aroma rose to the second floor to awake me.  After getting ready I went downstairs for breakfast, the first thing I noticed (besides a table full of wonderful food) is that there was a light coating of snow on the ground and it was still lightly snowing.  I feel like I am in the movie It's A Wonderful Life, now all we have to wait for it for Clarence to get his wings.

After breakfast I picked up my brother and mother and we headed to the streets of his Rosemont neighborhood a neighborhood full of cafes, charcuterie markets and restaurants.

We then headed the Olympic Park and the Montreal Tower built for the 1976 Olympics.

Watch the video I took to the top


Then to Old Montreal, note the Quebec, Canada and Montreal flags below blowing in the cold breeze

And finally to the McCord Museum the Canadian history museum where even there I could find things related to food

Until I blog again:  Be Well, Live Life and Be Safe

Jusqu'à ce que je tiens un blog de nouveau: Bien, vivre la vie et être en sécurité

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