Thursday, July 10, 2014

JWU Costa Rica Study Abroad 2014- Academics, Lecture & Field Work

JWU Costa Rica Study Abroad 2014- 

Academics, Lecture & Field Work 

Students enrolled in the JWU Costa Rica Study Abroad Program are completing (if they pass) 13.5 academic credits. The students complete pre-departure assignments as well as assignments and projects in Costa Rica.  Students work 50-60 hours on program related class time, activities and projects. 

Academic Focus: Eco, Nature-based, Adventure, and Sustainable Tourism
Satisfactory completion of the Costa Rica program fulfills all requirements for a concentration in Adventure, Sport and Nature Based Tourism. This is a physically active and comprehensive program. 

This program fulfills the following 3 courses:

  • TRVL3040 Adventure, Sport, & Nature Based Tourism 4.5 credits
  • SEE2040 Outdoor Recreation Planning 4.5 credits
  • TRVL3020 Ecotourism 4.5 credits

JWU Faculty are the academic leadership for this program. They coordinate pre-departure information, travel with the group, and deliver academic content in conjunction with host faculty.  Along with myself (Professor Stuchel) I am accompanied by Dr. Eldad Boker.

Sustainable Tourism, Eco Tourism Local Experts- In addition to the JWU faculty Carlos Roberto Chavarria of Costa Rica Rainforest Experience and Ricardo Howell enrich the course material with the history, economy, social norms of Costa Rica as well as providing in-depth knowledge of Sustainable Tourism/Eco Tourism & Sports Adventure Tourism within Costa Rica.

Field Projects- The students are given four choices for their field work project when they arrive at Tirimbina Biological Reserve in the Sarapiqui region of Costa Rica.  Students are able to pick the project they feel is most aligned with their personal preference or educational outcomes.

Guest Speakers- In addition guest speakers are brought in to the classroom to enrich the academic material.

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