Tuesday, July 8, 2014

JWU Costa Rica Study Abroad 2014- Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour / Finca Corsicana Pineapple Tour

Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour / Finca Corsicana Pineapple Tour

Today we toured two different food operations, the first a very large pineapple plantation and the second a small coffee co-op.

Finca Corsican is the worlds largest organic pineapple farm located near the quaint little town of La Virgen in central Costa Rica. Finca Corsicana features state of the art equipment and facilities and is home to our organic pineapple operation.  The largest of its kind on Earth! It is located near the foot of Mount Poas, a very active volcano with the second largest crater in the world.  The volcanic activity has made the land abundantly rich with minerals.  In fact, the land here in Costa Rica is so fertile, fence posts actually take root and sprout leaves!  To Learn More About Finca Corsican click here

Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour, a cooperative enterprise with social sense with over 40 years in the production of coffee. Coopesarapiquí is a nonprofit organization that brings together 137 small coffee producers as owners, located in the highlands of the canton of San Carlos and Sarapiqui, between 800 to 1000 meters above sea level. The main focus has been on the market and benefited from coffee production associates. The cooperative promotes cooperative values ​​such as honesty, solidarity and mutual aid. Sales activities Coopesarapiquí coffee will then be registered with the principles of Fair Trade. 

Coopesarapiquí RL was born out of a need and in 1969, a group of forty farmers who grow coffee decided to form a cooperative to seek a solution through the cooperative system.Coopesarapiquí is today an organization that seeks economic and social improvement of its 137 members among its members and fosters the spirit of mutual assistance in the economic social and cultural order. The cooperative promotes activities that tend to meet the needs of its partners and other conversion projects for social good.Coopesarapiquí is related to harvesting, processing and marketing of coffee activities. The cooperative is developed through continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality system and environment and strives to prevent pollution through the implementation of cleaner technologies to get a quality product that meets the needs of partners and customers.

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