Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Garden Plants are Finally In!

When I arrived home on Friday I was greeted by my six cubic yards of garden soil in my driveway.  The soil was delivered by Smithfield Peat and the quality of the soil was excellent!

Six cubic yards of soil, as you can see from the pictures is a lot, more than I imagined, but after many, many, many trips with the wheel barrel, I finally got all of the soil out of the driveway.

First into the raised garden beds.

Once the raised beds were prepared, it was time to plant....

The garden now contains the following plants:
  1. Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato
  2. Tiffen Mennonite Tomato- Heirloom
  3. Gardeners Delight Tomato
  4. Orange Banana Paste Tomato- Heirloom
  5. Aunt Rubys German Green Tomato- Heirloom
  6. Black Sea Man Tomato- Heirloom
  7. Pink Brandywine Tomato- Heirloom
  8. Ballon Hot Pepper- Heirloom
  9. Golden Calwonder Pepper- Heirloom
  10. California Wonder Pepper- Heirloom
  11. Yellow Sweet Pepper
  12. Rosita Eggplant
  13. Rosa Bianca Eggplant
  14. Suyo Long Cucumber
  15. Golden Zucchini
  16. Watermelon Sugar Baby
  17. New England Pie Pumpkin - Heirloom
  18. King Richard Leeks
  19. Hopi Blue Corn - Heirloom
  20. Assorted Basil Plants
  21. Parsley
  22. Sage
  23. German Thyme
  24. Assorted Chives
  25. Oregano
The rest of the soil was used to top dress my lawn.... It took three days to distribute all of the soil, it was back breaking work, it was fun!

Until I blog again,

Eat Well, Enjoy Live and Be Safe

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