Saturday, March 5, 2011

Research Chef Association- Student Competition Part II

Today was the Annual Luncheon at the RCA where various scholarship winners and various competition winners are announced.  For the Student Culinology Competition the JWU Student Team placed 2nd in the competition:  Great Job Team...

Here are the first second and third place winners- Great job done by all teams- They are the future of our industry. First place went to Southern Minnesota State University and third to University of Guelph.

Yesterday was the Culinology Expo where the suppliers who shape the R&D world show their products and provide many tasty offerings.  Several of the suppliers, their employees and the attendees to the show are JWU graduates.  Here are just a few:

Finally for this posting, my final posting from Atlanta GA.  Enjoy the pictures of Centennial Olympic Park.  I had the pleasure of walking through the park many times here in Atlanta.  Those of have read my earlier post when I was in Singapore, may remember my reference to parsley planted in a flower bed as my point of reference at the MRT station.  Here in Atlanta parsley is in many of the flower beds.. who knew, Parsley was the hot new trend in outdoor floral displays.

If I attend the RCA show next year, here is where I will be... Until we meet again....

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