Friday, November 1, 2019

#FacultyFriday JWU Providence Professor Douglas Stuchel #JWUPVDHOSP @JWU #JWU
Our #FacultyFriday this week is Douglas Stuchel

"When I decided to hang up my chef jacket and rejoin the JWU family working in Experiential Education and Career Services, I found myself missing the hands-on connection to the food industry that I had enjoyed for the last twenty-something years. After taking some time to self-reflect on what I wanted to do in this new part of my life, I came up with two goals that I wanted to accomplish.

My first goal was to go back to school and get my master’s degree and eventually teach at JWU and the second was to find a way to continue working in the food industry, but in a role other than being a chef. I decided to get involved in food policy, and after a bit of research, I chose to raise Welsh Harlequin ducks - a lightweight breed of duck that lays an average of 250-300 eggs a year. 

I purchased my first three dozen ducklings from a farm in California and three days after hatching they arrived at my local post office. After a year of trial and error Doug’s Ducks LLC was hatched, with the mission of being environmentally responsible and working with the ecosystem to raise ducks that are ethically and humanely treated in order to deliver a responsible and quality product to the local food system. At any given time, there are anywhere from 20 -60 ducks and ducklings free-ranging my property during the day, and when the sun starts to set they return home to the safety and comfort of the duck house. For the first two years the slightly larger and richer duck eggs were only available to those who wanted to purchase them by stopping by my house. However, Doug’s Ducks recently joined the WhatsGood mobile application to offer delivery of Doug’s Ducks eggs and a variety of summer vegetables to consumers at their homes.

So, who eats duck eggs? Some of my customers eat duck eggs because they are allergic to chicken eggs, but are able to eat duck eggs. Others enjoy the richer and creamier flavor of the duck eggs and some customers, as well as myself, find duck eggs to be far superior to chicken eggs!"

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