Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day- Where Did We Go Wrong?

According to  Earth Day -- April 22 -- marks the anniversary of what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

I equate Earth Day to a terminal cancer patient who decides the best way to beat cancer is to only treat it one day out of the entire year.   Every other day of the year they ignore the fact that their body is slowly dying due to radical changes going on within their body.

To celebrate one day a year where we organize groups to clean parks, plant trees just doesn't make environmental sense.  The fact is that most of these same Earth Day "do gooders" are also the ones who spray their weeds with RoundUP and destroy the soil the weed was anchored to.  According to This article in The New York Times  explains the negative effects glyphosate has on soil, effects that include compaction and resultant runoff, the killing of beneficial microbes and bacteria, and the exhaustion of necessary minerals and other nutrients that plants require.
Additionally we are just now re-discovering that some of the weeks we are trying to kill not only benefit the ecosystem where they grow, but some of them are edible and benefit out bodies eco system as well.

In a 2006 Bloomberg article entitled  The Perfect Lawn: How Obsession Fueled a $40 Billion Industry we Americans are obsessed with our lawns, the shade of green they are and trying to have the best lawn on the block.  We do this not only by dumping environmentally harmful chemicals on our lawns but we waste more and more water to green our lawns even when we are in a near drought.

Earth Day 2015 has the slogan It's Our Turn To Lead   So Please LEAD everyday we only have one planet, just like a cancer patient only has one body.

And if all else fails follow this farmers motto:

Don't fail to treat the earth like you would treat your body, with respect, with intelligence, with patience, proactivity, love and care


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