Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Scars of a Chef- Book Review

Scars of a Chef

Once I picked up Chef Tramonto's book, Scars of a Chef I couldn't put it down.  I was engaged cover to cover, I suppose this is because I could relate to much of what chef  wrote.  I believe that anyone who has stepped foot and worked in a kitchen ( at any level)  for any period of time can relate to Chef's experiences.

After each chapter, chef includes one of his favorite recipes that he relates to the chapter the reader has just finished reading.

Chef touches on his childhood  and teenage years and the highs and lows the family encountered as well as his addiction and abuse of drugs and alcohol and how he used sex and his addiction to work to hide his inner pain.

His success was only a small part luck, the rest can be accounted to his passion for our industry, the hard work and dedication to his job (no matter what the job was) and how he learned early on, to keep is eyes open, his mouth shut and to answer every question with "Yes Chef".

Even with Chef Tramonto's fame and natural born talent, he still encountered personal and professional set backs including almost loosing his life by abusing drugs and alcohol and getting a divorce. During these time he even believed that he was so far beyond hope and help that he would never be happy. His awards winning restaurants, the fame and the celebrity status and even the money still left him empty inside.  

Then like many things in life, Chef discovered that the answer to all of his problem was always there right in front of him, all day, every day, the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Although I consider myself religious and have faith in a higher power and in the almighty God above, this book is more in my eyes focused to be relatable to any religion and to anyone that believes that we are here on earth for a purpose and that we all have a destiny that we can control. (whatever your purpose or destiny you may believe in).

This book was not only a book that I could reflect on, but it was also a book that I found very inspirational.

Two Forks Up- a must read for anyone in the Biz......

Until I blog again:  Eat Well, Enjoy Life and Be Happy 

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